A long, long time ago in a sleep little town in Vermont a bunch of weekend warriors from the Boston area decided to rent a ski house.

This unruly bunch was far too concerned with killing kegs and burning old skis as sacrifices to the Snow Gods to notice how most of the town folk were horrified with their antics.

Yet a small group of local hard corp skiers admired their zest for living and befriended them, both groups realizing the value lessons that can be learned from each other.

And thus The Wrecking Crew was born.

The Wrecking Crew soon realized how cool it would be if they produced their own ski videos so they could watch themselves on TV over and over again.

They made a ski video…and it was good.

So they made more….and they were even better.

Now these videos are cult legents, being shown on Sugarbush TV and local bars everywhere.

Stand back cuz we gonna take over the world…