2002 Mad River Glen Triple Crown Videos

Published on March 20, 2020

We have video all three of the 2002 Mad River Glen Triple Crown events, which consists of 3 events: The Mogul Challenge, Unconventional Terrian, and Vertical Challenge

2002 Mad River Glen Mogul Challenge Video & Awards

Mogul Challenge was held on Chute right under the single chair, MC’d by local legend Casey Murphy , with some epic airs and skiing by Dylan Crossman, Jon Rockwood, Chris Parkinson, Roy Tuscany, Anna Eberle, Suzie Lowe and more. Video is all competitors plus awards ceremony in the basebox.

2002 Mad River Glen Unconventional Terrain Video & Awards

Unconventional Terrain Competition was held on Lift Line as usual, video is from just below tower 10. Awesome skiing by the locals as well as an out of town posse from Sugarloaf.

2002 Mad River Glen Vertical Challenge

The final and grueling leg of the Triple Crown, as many runs as you can do top to bottom on Chute to Lift Line! Video of about 10 minutes of the competition.

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