2020 FAT Ski-A-Thon Early Ups at Sugarbush

Published on March 4, 2020

The day before the annual High Fives Foundation FAT Ski-a-Thon, the crew from High Fives and their adaptive athletes take some runs with Vermont North at Sugarbush Vermont.

The 2020 FAT Ski-A-Thon Early Ups was the largest and funnest crew yet, combined with 10+ inches of powder at the top of the mountain meant some epic turns were in store.

Armed with our GoPros and John Atkinson also taking video and stills we set out to conquer the hill.

The best run had to be getting on Heaven’s Gate and riding the fresh powder on Jester. The end of the video above is of Trevor Kennison staying the powder the whole way down, while dusting Nick Fairall on one of the final corners.

It was…in the legendary words of Greg Hydle at the end of the video…..”TASTY”!