2019 Sugarbush Pond Skimming Video & Awards

Published on April 13, 2019

Did you or someone you know enter the 2019 Sugarbush PondSkimming Competition? We’ve got video highlights and full video of all competitors here.

MC’d as usual by ski legend John Egan, his quick wit and ability to rhyme all of the time made for a glorious spring day at Sugarbush.

The course starter was Marc Angelillo giving his best advice to each competitor and getting them fired up to cross the pond.

Owner Win Smith ran the course first holding a Fiddlehead Anniversary Ale (in honor of Sugarbush’s 60th Anniversary this year).

The judges (including Darian Boyle who was later inducted into the Sugarbush Wall of Fame later that day) got into the action getting splashed by Sunshine Sip O’ Man himself Chris Parkinson as well as other taking their shots (some not intentionally) getting the judges wet.

Pond Skimming Highlight Video

The best 3 minutes of the 2019 Pond Skim and your life

Full Length Video & Awards Ceremony

All Pond Skimming Competitors and Awards Ceremony at Castlerock Pub

Sunshine Sip o’ Man – Winner

Chris Parkison the 48 Year Old Teenager takes the Pond

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